Troubleshooting Conversations

Conversations is available on all plans levels and can be purchased as an add-on to your account.

In this article, we'll share troubleshooting tips for issues that may arise when using Conversations.

I don't see Conversations in my account

If you don't see Conversations in your account, then you may not have been granted access to it. Only the Primary Account Admin can grant agent access to Conversations. 

The chat widget isn't showing on my page

If the chat widget isn't showing on your webpage, check the following:

  • Is the main Conversations toggle set to “On” in Conversations > Conversations Settings?
  • Is the Visibility toggle “On” in Conversations > Conversations Settings?

  • Is your domain whitelisted? Check by going to Website > Site Tracking.

  • Is the code on the page in the head or footer?

  • Is the code only on the page once? If the code is on the page twice it can cause problems.

  • Is the old tracking code still on the page? If so, that must be removed.

I'm not receiving desktop notifications

You must have the Conversations Inbox open in one of the tabs of your browser for the notifications to trigger. 

If that tab is open and you are still not getting notifications, check the following:

  • Ensure the “Desktop Notifications” toggle is “on” in Conversations > Conversations Settings. 
  • Seeing the yellow banner at the top of the page? Click “Enable desktop notifications” and then click “Allow” when prompted by your browser.
  • If you have followed both steps above,  you will need to go to Site Settings in your browser and check that notifications have been enabled for your account's domain. The steps for that will vary based on your browser so you will need to search their help documentation.

I’m not receiving an auto-reply to my test message

If you're not receiving an auto-reply message when testing the chat widget, check the following:

  • Ensure you have a Chatbot Automation setup and the toggle is turned on in Conversations > Conversations Settings > Chatbot Automation.
  • Test in a fresh browser window by using an incognito/private browser window, then send a new chat message.

I’m missing messages because I’m not online

If you're missing incoming chats and messages because you're not online, download the Conversations app for iOS or Android to receive push notifications and send replies when away from your computer.

Learn more about the Conversations mobile app.

You can also use the auto-reply message and include the email capture form to ask for an email address so you can reply at any time.

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