Assign seats for Conversations

  Conversations is no longer available for purchase as of January 3, 2023.

Learn how to assign user seats for Conversations.

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If you’re an Account Admin, you can assign a purchased seat in Conversations to any user in your ActiveCampaign account. Once a user is assigned a seat, they become an agent and can view, reply, and take action on any conversation thread in your unified inbox. You can also change which user occupies a seat for this feature anytime.

Assign a seat to a user

  1. Click “Conversations” in the left menu.
  2. Click “Conversations Settings.”
  3. Click the “Roles” tab.

    All users in your account will be listed on the Roles page. Here you will see the user group assigned to each user along with three levels of access to Conversations that you can assign:Example of two users on the Roles page.png

    The three levels of access are:
    • No access
      The user cannot access anything related to Conversations, including the mobile app.
    • Viewer
      Can only view interactions in the Conversations unified inbox. They cannot take any action based on Conversations, including marketing conversations as complete. They will not have access to view or take any actions on Conversations from the mobile app.
    • Agent
      Full access to Conversations. They can view, reply, and take actions based on Conversations. This is the only level of access that can log into and work from the Conversations mobile app. This role requires a purchased seat.
  4. To assign a role to a user, click the appropriate radio button. You can always remove Agent access from a user by clicking either the “No Access” or “Viewer” radio button, then assigning that Agent role to a different user in your account.
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