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  Conversations is no longer available for purchase to new customers as of January 3, 2023.

If you are a Conversations Agent, you can choose how to receive notifications for incoming chats and inbound emails sent to the Conversations inbox. Enabling notifications will allow you to respond to incoming messages from visitors as soon as they're received.

Notification types

There are three types of notifications that you can enable in Conversations settings. You can choose to enable one, some, or all notifications. They include:

  • Desktop notifications 
    When enabled, this will display new messages on your desktop.
  • Audio notifications
    When enabled, this will play a sound when new messages are received.
  • Email notifications
    When enabled, this will send an email if an incoming message is unread within two minutes. 

To ensure that you receive Desktop and/or Audio notifications, Conversations needs to be open in one of the tabs in your web browser. Email notifications will be sent if you have your web browser open or not. 

You can also receive new message notifications on your mobile device. See our Conversations Mobile App help article for more information.

Enable notifications

When setting up Conversations for your account, you may have already enabled desktop and/or audio notifications. You can always turn off one of the notification options and/or turn on another that you may find more useful.

To enable any or all notifications:

  1. Click "Conversations" in the left menu.
  2. Click "Conversations Settings."
  3. Locate the notification you wish to enable in the Notifications box.
  4. Set the notification to "On" by clicking the red toggle.

    When the notification is enabled, the toggle will be green and will say "On":
    Notifications are enabled when the toggle is green and says on and they are off when the toggle is red and says off.png

    To disable a notification, set it to "Off" by clicking the green toggle. When the notification is disabled, the toggle will be red and will say "Off."
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