Field mapping cheat sheet | ActiveCampaign Salesforce integration

The ActiveCampaign Salesforce integration lets you map contact fields from ActiveCampaign to lead and contact fields in Salesforce.

In this article, you'll learn which dynamic field mapping combinations you can use when setting up this integration.

The field mapping combinations listed below are supported for version 1.20 and up of the ActiveCampaign Salesforce integration. 

Unsupported field mapping combinations can cause records to not sync. 

Supported field mapping combinations

Salesforce Field Type ActiveCampaign Field Type
Checkbox (True/False) Check Box(es) (Option Value can only be set to "true")
Text input, Hidden
Email Text input, Dropdown, Hidden
Number Text input, Dropdown, Hidden
Text input, Hidden
Text input, Dropdown, Hidden
Picklist (multi-select)
List box
Phone number Text input, Hidden
Text Text input, Dropdown, Hidden
Text area Text input, Text area, Hidden
Text area long
Text area, Hidden
Text area rich
Text area, Hidden
Text encrypted
Text input, Hidden
Text (valid format)
Text input, Dropdown, Hidden
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