Field mapping cheat sheet | ActiveCampaign Salesforce integration


As of June 1st, 2021, this integration is available on:

All Salesforce plan tiers
Professional and Enterprise ActiveCampaign plan tiers

The ActiveCampaign Salesforce integration lets you map contact fields from ActiveCampaign to lead and contact fields in Salesforce.

In this article, you'll learn which dynamic field mapping combinations you can use when setting up this integration.

The field mapping combinations listed below are supported for version 1.20 and up of the ActiveCampaign Salesforce integration. 

Unsupported field mapping combinations can cause records not to sync. 

Supported field mapping combinations

Salesforce field type ActiveCampaign field type
Checkbox Check Box(es)
  • Option Value can be set to "true" (all lowercase) and leave other values blank
Currency Currency (to maintain proper decimal placement), Text input, or Hidden
Date Date
Email Text input, Dropdown, Hidden
Formula (see next section for more information) Text input, Text area, Hidden, Check box(es)
Number Text input, Dropdown, Hidden
Percent Text input, Hidden
Picklist Text input, Dropdown, Hidden
Picklist (multi-select) List box
Phone number Text input, Hidden
Text Text input, Dropdown, Hidden
Text area Text input, Text area, Hidden
Text area long Text area, Hidden
Text area rich Text area, Hidden
Text encrypted Text input, Hidden
Text (valid format) Date
URL Text input, Dropdown, Hidden

Mapping Salesforce Formula fields

  • Formula field types have a one-way sync
    When you map a formula field in Salesforce to a field in ActiveCampaign, it will process as a one-way sync. This means that when your ActiveCampaign account syncs back to Salesforce, the value for your formula field in Salesforce will not change.
  • Updates to a formula field in Salesforce will not trigger a sync to run
    If the value of a formula field in Salesforce is updated for a lead or contact, the ActiveCampaign sync status field will not update to "Waiting for sync." This means that the contact or lead will not be updated in ActiveCampaign.
    To trigger a sync to run for the updated contact or lead, we recommend making a small change to that contact or lead's record in Salesforce. For example, you can add a period to a field value and save that change. You can remove the small change later.
    This will update the ActiveCampaign sync status field to "Waiting for next sync," and the contact or lead will be updated in ActiveCampaign when the sync runs.
  • Formula fields in Salesforce cannot be mapped to Last Name, Email, or Account fields in ActiveCampaign.
    The ActiveCampaign Salesforce integration needs to perform bi-directional syncs between Salesforce and ActiveCampaign. Last Name and Account fields are required fields in Salesforce. Formula fields are one-directional syncs
  • Boolean formula fields in Salesforce can only sync to check box fields in ActiveCampaign
  • Date formula fields in Salesforce can only be mapped to date or text fields in ActiveCampaign
  • Checkbox fields in ActiveCampaign can accept a field value of true (all lowercase) or remain blank
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