How do I add a permission reminder to my campaign?

A permission reminder is a snippet of text in your campaign that explains to the contact why they are receiving an email from you. Providing this text is optional, however, it’s best practice to include it in your communications. Not only can it help reduce spam complaints and unsubscribes, but it can also help foster a positive experience with your brand and clear up any confusion in the event that your contact(s) forgets how and/or when they signed up to receive your emails.

View and update permission reminder text for your lists

Each list in your account has its own permission reminder text. This text is created when you add a new list to your account. You can view and/or update this text at any time.

1. From the Lists page, click the down caret for the list you wish to update the permission reminder text for.

2. Click the “Edit” option listed in the dropdown.

3. An “Edit the list” modal will appear. From here you can view and/or update the reminder text. To update the reminder, type the updated text into the “List Description” box.

4. Click the “Save” button.

The updated permission reminder text will be saved for your list and can be added to your campaigns.

Insert a permission reminder into your campaign

You can add permission reminder text in your campaigns with the  %SENDER-LIST-REMINDER% personalization tag. Once the email is sent to your contacts, the personalization tag will be replaced with your permission reminder text.

To add the permission reminder text to your campaigns:

1. From the Campaign Builder, locate the area where you want to insert the Permission Reminder text.

2. Type the following personalization tag in that spot:


From here, you can continue to modify your campaign. When finished, you can either click "Save and Exit" to save and close the campaign or you can click "Next" to view the Campaign Summary page.

When contacts receive your campaign, they'll see the Permission Reminder text:

Can I add permission reminder text to automation emails? 

You can insert permission reminder text into automation emails using the steps outlined above. However, we only recommend adding this text to your automation email(s) if your automation uses a “Subscribes to List” trigger or “Submits Form” trigger (if the form is adding contacts to a list).  

Tips for writing a permission reminder

Here are some best practices we recommend for writing an easy, direct and engaging permission reminder for your lists:

Make it simple, specific, and courteous
Take the time to politely explain to contacts why they are receiving your campaigns and where they signed up. Being as specific as possible will allow contacts to trust your messaging and your brand. 

Make it readable
You’ll want to use a font size that is easy for contacts to read. If you use a font size that is too small, they won’t be able to read the permission reminder and it will not be effective.

Be consistent with placement
It’s best to place the subscription reminder in the same place for every campaign you send to contacts. This will make it easier on your contacts to find.

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