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If you're sending B2B emails to contacts, they may get unintentionally unsubscribed from your list. This happens when corporate spam filters click all links contained within your email, including the unsubscribe link. This is a common issue with all email service providers. The best way to prevent this is to implement a two-click unsubscribe process in your outgoing communications.

Take note

We have implemented a human verification challenge when the unsubscribe link is clicked in ActiveCampaign emails to help prevent unintentional unsubscribes. Learn more about our bot click unsubscribe protection.

This does not replace two-click unsubscribe and can be used together.

What is two-click unsubscribe?

With two-click unsubscribe, recipients will be asked to confirm their opt-out when they click the unsubscribe link in your email. They can do this by clicking the "Yes, unsubscribe me" button that appears when the unsubscribe link in your email is clicked.

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Once the recipient clicks "Yes, unsubscribe me" they will be unsubscribed from your list. They will then be directed to a confirmation page where they can tell you why they unsubscribed.

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If a contact clicks "No, keep me on this list" or exits the page without clicking either button, they will remain subscribed to your list.

What is the difference between one-click and two-click unsubscribe?

With two-click unsubscribe, contacts go through a two-step process to opt-out of your email list when they click the unsubscribe link in your email.

With one-click unsubscribe, contacts are opted-out of your list as soon as they click the unsubscribe link in your email.

What type of unsubscribe process should I use in my emails?

The type of unsubscribe process you use comes down to personal preference. It's common practice for large volume senders to have a two-click unsubscribe process. This is because it prevents spam filters from unsubscribing contacts from their list(s) by mistake.

How to get two-click unsubscribe added to your emails

Two-click unsubscribe is available for all ActiveCampaign plan levels at no additional cost. To get the two-step unsubscribe option added to your emails, submit a ticket to our Customer Experience Team. Once your request is processed, we'll add the new opt-out process to your campaigns and automation emails for you.

Once added, this new process will replace the current one-click unsubscribe process in your emails. It will go into effect for all past and future emails. You will not be able to toggle back and forth between one-click and two-click unsubscribe.

After the two-click unsubscribe process has been added to your emails, we recommend you test it. This can be done by sending an email to a test contact and having that test contact click the unsubscribe link.  

If you wish to return to a one-click process, submit a ticket to our Customer Experience Team and we'll process your request.

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