Overview of the Web Personalization tool

Available on Professional and Enterprise plans. 

In this article, you'll learn about the different aspects of the Web Personalization builder.

Experiences Overview page

The Experiences Overview page lists all experiences that you've created. They are grouped by domain.

Experiences for each domain include those with draft, published, or paused statuses.

From this page you can:

Information on the Experiences Overview page

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Each domain you create an experience for will have its own container on the Experiences Overview page. Each domain container lists each experience created for that page and includes the following information:

  • Priority
    Set a priority by dragging and dropping the order of experiences. Contacts who qualify to see more than one experience for your domain will see whichever experience is higher in the list.
  • Experience name with status
    The Experience name is a name you set when creating the experience. Statuses include the following:
    • Draft - Personalization has been started but is not published. This experience can be edited
    • Published - The Experience is live and your qualified contacts will see the personalizations if they land on your website. This experience cannot be edited 
    • Paused - The experience was published but is no longer active. This experience cannot be edited
  • Segment criteria
    This column shows you the segment created for this experience. Contacts must meet the requirement(s) set in order to see the experience.
  • Action button
    Use this button to: Continue editing, Resume experience, Pause experience, or Delete the experience

Experience builder

Once you click the "Create a new experience" button and select a URL to create an experience for, you will be directed to the Experience builder page.

On this page you can:

  • View the page URL
  • View the default page
  • Edit any element on the personalized page
  • Redirect visitors to a different web page or website when they click a button on your page
  • Show or hide highlights of changed elements
  • Publish, pause, or resume the experience

Default Page tab
The Default Page displays the page you want to create an experience for. This page is here for your reference. Items in this area cannot be edited.

Personalized Page tab
The personalized page will display the web page you're creating an experience for. This page features a visual editor and an element editor.

Visual editor
This editor displays your webpage by using an iframe. You can click any element to edit it. Elements that you can edit include:

  • Text
  • Image(s) that display on your site
  • Button text

You will not be able to use this editor to use a different font, change the color of the page or the text, change the placement of the text.

Element editor
This editor will appear on the far right of the screen when you click an element to edit.

  • Clicking a text element will force a"Typography" box to appear where you can add new text
  • Clicking an image element will force an "Image Source URL" field to appear where you can paste the URL of the image you wish to use
  • Clicking the "Revert" option will reset the element to the "default" content. It will not revert to a previous edit.

Publish, Pause, Resume button
You can publish, pause, and resume an experience at any time.

  • Publish button
    A "Publish" button will appear if an experience is in draft mode. Clicking this button will make the experience live for qualified contacts.
  • Pause button
    A "Pause" button will appear if an experience is published. Clicking this button will stop the experience from running on your webpage.  
  • Resume button
    A "Resume" button will appear if an experience is paused. Clicking this button will make this experience live for qualified contacts.
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