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Available on Professional and Enterprise plans. 

This article provides short answers to common questions about Web Personalization. 

Will Web Personalization work for all contacts?

Web Personalization will only work for contacts who have an ActiveCampaign tracking cookie on their browser and who meet your segment conditions.

About identifying and tracking site visitors

Major browsers have added cookie blockers from 3rd party sites, including ActiveCampaign. They now only accept first-party tracking cookies. If you wish to track page visits for a site visitor and personalize a specific domain, you will need to do any one of the following options:

  • Redirect an ActiveCampaign form submission to any page on the domain you wish to personalize. Note that this does not need to be the exact page that you're personalizing
  • Send contacts to any page on the domain you wish you personalize when click they a link in your campaign or automation email. Note that this does not need to be the exact page you're personalizing
  • Embed an ActiveCampaign form to any page on the domain you're personalizing. Note that this does not need to be on the exact page you're personalizing

Learn more about the ActiveCampaign Site Tracking feature.

What criteria can I use to create segments?

You can use existing tags and custom contact fields to create segments.

Can I edit text formatting on my site using Web Personalization?

You can only edit the text and image(s) that appear on your site. You are not able to format the text.

Will Web Personalization impact my SEO?

Your SEO will not be impacted by Web Personalization.

Can I schedule experiences?

When you publish an experience, it is live immediately. Right now, you do not have the ability to schedule an experience.

What kind of websites does Web Personalization work with?

Web Personalization should work with any site, including Shopify, Squarespace, Unbounce, Wix, Weebly, WordPress, and more.

Can I personalize any page of my domain if I have whitelisted using a wildcard (*)?

You can only personalize specific URLs that have been whitelisted.

Why is content is flickering on my page?

Content may flicker on a page that has Web Personalization applied to it. This is most likely a FOUC (flash of unstyled content) issue on the behalf of your landing page provider. This is not due to the Web Personalization feature from ActiveCampaign. 

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