Classic Designer: Tips for writing Predictive Content variants


In this article, we'll share tips and examples that you can use to create your own Predictive Content variants.

Take Note

Predictive Content is only available on the Classic Designer

Predictive content writing guidelines

Here are some general guidelines to consider when writing variants for predictive content:

  • Place most of your text inside the predictive content block
    For best results with predictive content, put as much text as possible into the block so we can better learn your contacts' preferences.
  • Include a link or clickable call-to-action inside the predictive content block
    This will help us better understand your contacts' preferences so we can continue to send them the right content.
  • Keep paragraphs to three sentences in length
    This will optimize the readability of your content.
  • Keep the content conversational
    And use personalization!
  • Each variant should be a different length 
    This means that one variant will be short and use fewer words and sentences, while another variant will be longer, using more words and sentences. This will help us better learn which length each contact prefers.
  • Try to aim for an 8th-grade reading level
    This will help maximize engagement with your contacts. This can be done by using shorter sentences, a mix of longer and shorter words, the use of first and second person (“We” and “You”), and reduced use of adverbs and adjectives.
  • Each variant must be written in English
    This version of predictive content only supports the English language.

Predictive content variant examples

In this section, we'll provide examples of variants that can be used for a sale at a plant shop. You are welcome to draw inspiration from these examples as you create your own variants.

Variant 1: Short and to-the-point


We're cleaning house for the Fall and are having a sale! Claim the offer below for 50% off your next online or in-store purchase.

Variant 2: Lengthier


Thanks again for your last purchase. We hope you're loving your new %ECOMMERCE_LAST_PRODUCT_NAME%!

As you know, summer has come and gone, so it's time for us to clean out our current stock to make room for our Fall and Winter plants.

Because we love our customers, we are extending our best offer of the year to you. Use the coupon linked below for 50% off your ENTIRE next order! That includes purchases online and at our Dearborn store location.

We appreciate your continued support, and we're excited to share our beautiful plant selection with you!

Variant 3: Sales-forward


We are extending our best offer ever to our best customers. For a limited time, use the coupon linked below for 50% off your ENTIRE next order!

This offer is valid on ALL regularly priced Summer plants and is only available until stock runs out.

Our stock is limited and won't last long! Make sure to visit our website TODAY for 50% off your entire order.

Variant 4: Informational


Plant 'Em was founded in 2015 with the mission of bringing quality plants and flowers to customers in the Chicagoland area. We're committed to putting customers first and stocking the best products possible. With that in mind, it's time to clear our shelves in preparation for our Fall shipments.

Visit us in-person or online and get 50% off of any Summer stock. That includes houseplants, succulents, planters, and seeds. Visit our Instagram page to see pictures of our sale selection. Our shop is located at 1 North Dearborn and we'd love to see you there!

P.S. Did you know Emily, our founder, visits each farm she stocks plants from? Come see why Plant 'Em won the Best of Chicago award for flower shops in 2018!

Variant 5: No personalization

We miss you! Come back to our store or visit us online and use this 50% off coupon for your whole order of any of our Summer plants.

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