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Before you send emails through ActiveCampaign, you need to verify the domain you'll use in both your "From" email address and "Reply-to" email address. Verifying your domain ensures that it belongs to you or your organization and no one else. It also prevents others from using your domain to send malicious emails to phish unsuspecting contacts. Once your domain is verified, you can use any email address containing the verified domain to send emails. 

In this article, you'll learn how to verify your email domain.

Take note

  • Domain verification applies to all ActiveCampaign accounts created on or after July 29, 2020
  • You must verify your domain before you send any emails
  • Any subdomains you use will need to be verified
  • Domain verification is required for the following: Campaigns, Automation Emails, 1:1 Emails, Notification Emails
  • If you try to send any of the emails above, a warning will appear. This warning will include a prompt that you can click on to get started with the domain verification process
  • Resellers and accounts under Resellers do not need to validate their domains

How to verify your email domain

Domain verification is located on the Advanced Settings page in your account.

  1. Click Settings (Gear icon) in the left menu.
  2. The Settings menu will expand. Click "Advanced."
  3. In the "Email domain verification" box, type the email address you'll use into the "Verify another domain" field provided.
  4. Click the "Send verification email" button.

The domain for the email address you provided will be listed in the "Email domain verification" box. It will have a status of "Not verified."

A message will be sent to your email address to verify the domain. This email will expire after seven days.

Once you receive the email, click the link provided and follow the prompts to complete the domain verification process.

If you did not receive the email, return to the Advanced Settings page in your ActiveCampaign account and click the "Resend verification email" button.


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