Add a Subscribe Form block to your ActiveCampaign page

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The "Subscribe Form" block lets you capture the email addresses of leads who land on your page. Once this block is added to your page layout, you can adjust its width, background, button, and more. Like other blocks, you can add, edit, duplicate, and remove a "Subscribe Form" block to any page or page template.

Take note

  • The "Subscribe Form" block is separate and different from forms you create in the "Forms" section of your ActiveCampaign account
  • The "Subscribe Form" block does not use a double opt-in process
  • The "Subscribe Form" component does not automatically add visitors to your marketing list(s). In order to add contacts to a list with this component, you'll need to create an automation that uses a "Tag is added" trigger
  • It is not possible to add additional fields to the "Subscribe Form" block. This block only captures the visitor's email address
  • On form submission, the "Subscribe Form" block does not have any customization options such as showing a thank you message or directing visitors to another URL
  • If you wish to add contacts directly to a list and/or have them go through a double opt-in process, please see this "How to add an ActiveCampaign form to your landing page" help article

Tags added to contacts from the "Subscribe Form" block

Once a visitor submits the "Subscribe Form" a contact record will be created for them in your ActiveCampaign account. Two tags will be applied to contacts who submit this form type:

  • activecampaign-pages
  • activecampaign-pages-[page name]

Add the "Subscribe Form" block to your layout

To insert the "Subscribe Form" block to your layout, drag it from the right pane and onto the canvas in the page editor. 

Subscribe form component

The block will be added to your page.

Subscribe form component

Style and edit the "Subscribe Form" block

You can edit the following elements of your form:

Component editing options

1. Visibility
Make the form visible on desktop, mobile, or both.

2. Width
Form width can be set by either px or %.

3. Background
Use this to change the background for your form. You can change the color and gradient as well as add an image or video.

4. Inner Spacing
Type a number into the field provided to add spacing between the form block and the section that it's in. Increasing inner spacing will make the section bigger on the page. You can choose which sides of the form will have inner spacing.

5. Subscribe Theme
Change your form's theme here. You can choose one of the following themes: Standard (default), Flat, Underline Dark, and Underline Light.

6. Placeholder
Enter placeholder text for your visitors to see.

7. Subscribe Styles
Change the color, size, and shape of your submit button. You can choose one of the following sizes: small, medium, and large. You can choose one of following shapes: square, rounded, pill. The available colors are determined by your page theme's color palette.

8. Button Theme
Change the submit button's theme. You can choose from one of the following: flat, blocky, bubbly, and outlined.  

Duplicate a "Subscribe Form" block

You can duplicate any block on your page. To do so, click the subscribe form you wish to duplicate then click the duplicate icon in the top right bar. 

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Delete a "Subscribe Form" block

You can delete any block from a page. To do so, click the form you wish to remove then click the trash icon in the top right bar. 

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