Use folders to organize your ActiveCampaign pages

Pages is available on the following plans:

  • Plus
  • Professional
  • Enterprise 

You can use folders to group different pages you create in ActiveCampaign.

Take note

  • Every folder you create is visible to all account users who have permission to access Pages
  • A folder can have none, one, or many pages
  • It is not possible to move pages between folders

Create a folder for your ActiveCampaign pages

Folders are listed in the "Pages" section of your  ActiveCampaign account. When you open Pages, a "Default" folder will be created for you. A vertical bar will display to the left of it. This bar indicates that you have the folder open and are looking at its contents.

Default folder

To create a new folder:

1. Click the "Add a folder" option.

2. A modal window will open. Type the name of the folder into the field provided.

3. Click the "Create" button.

New folder modal

The new folder will be added and you can start creating pages inside of it.

New folder in Pages

Edit a folder

You can access editing options for each folder by hovering over the folder name and clicking the ellipsis that appears to the right of the folder's name.

The editing options for each folder includes:

  • Rename
    Change the name of the folder
  • Trash
    Delete the folder and all of its pages

Delete a folder

Deleting a folder is permanent and deletes all pages with that folder. Because of this, we make you explicitly confirm your intent by typing the word "TRASH" then clicking the "Trash" button that appears in the confirmation window. This confirmation window appears when you click "Trash" from the list of folder editing options.

Note that you'll need to type "TRASH" in all caps in order to delete the folder.

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