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Page templates make landing page creation easier—once you select a template, all you need to do is focus on content. You can create a page using any predesigned template we provide or a custom template that you built.

About page templates

When you create a landing page, you can use any of the templates we provide as a starting point. Using a template for your landing pages ensures brand consistency and saves you time. 

There are two types of templates you can use for your landing pages:

Stock Page Templates are predesigned templates available to you in your account.

Custom Page Templates are templates that you built or saved.

There is no limit the number of custom templates that you can have in your account.

Any custom templates you create will not be accessible to other users on your ActiveCampaign account.

How to build a custom page template

To build a new page template:

1. Click "Website" in the left menu.

2. Click the "Pages" option.

3.  The "Pages" screen will load. Click the "Templates" tab.

4. Click the "+ Template" button.

5. A "New Page Template" modal will open. Type the name of the template into the field provided. Then click the "Continue" button.

6. You will be directed to the Templates page. Hover your mouse over the existing template that you would like to start from. Then click the "Use this template" option.

Preview a template

You can preview a template in desktop or mobile before choosing it to start from. To do so, hover over the template and click the "Preview" option.

You can now finish creating the custom template to your liking in the Editor. Changes you make are automatically saved to your new template. Note that you are not able to publish a template to your URL.

Page template actions

You can duplicate, rename, or trash a page template by hovering over the template and clicking the ellipsis.

Save an existing page as a custom template

You can save an existing page as a custom template right from the page editor. To do so, click the ellipses in the Top Left Bar and click "Save as Template" from the page actions menu.

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