How to use themes with ActiveCampaign pages


With Page themes, you can create consistent designs for your pages using backgrounds, color palate, fonts, and layout. 

How Page Themes work

Page themes is the central page setting where you establish your page width, colors, font families, text sizes, and spacing increments.

Your page theme maintains the styles as you continue to make changes in your page layout, content, and design.

For example, if you had many links on your page and want to update all of their colors, all you have to do is update the "Link" color in your page's theme. Doing so saves you time from having to update each link's color individually.

Configure your page's theme

You can access your page's theme right from the page or template editor. Just click the second tab located in the top right bar:


The right bar will load the following:


1. Backgrounds
Add, remove, or update your page's backgrounds.

Create a pattern for your page's background

You can create any pattern across your page by adding a small background image to your theme and repeating it vertically and horizontally.

2. Color palette
Add or remove colors to your palette and update an existing one.

There are three types of color settings in your palette:

      • Core
        Colors you can add to your blocks. There is no limit to the number of core colors in your palette.
      • Link
        Color used for hyperlinked text (ie, href). There is only one Link color in your palette.
      • Text
        Default color used for paragraphs. There is only one Text color in your palette.

3. Font Family
Set your page's font family to maintain a consistent reading experience. Our font library is backed by Google Fonts

Your theme has two font families:

      • Heading
        Every header's default font family.
      • Paragraph
        Every paragraph's default font family.

4. Page Layout
Set your page width spacing increments. This is also where you set your page's minimum width.

4. AC Branding
Turn the default ActiveCampaign footer that says "Built with ActiveCampaign" on or off.

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