Add an Embed block to your ActiveCampaign page


You can use the "Embed" block to embed code snippets into your page layout. Doing so will let you add items such as a Spotify playlist, Vimeo video, Facebook status, and more.

About the "Embed" block

The "Embed" block is available in the right pane of the page editor.


Once you add the "Embed" block to your page layout, you can adjust its size and add styling to it. Like other blocks, you can add, edit, duplicate, and remove the "Embed" block from your page.

If you are trying to embed script tags, use the header and body script fields located in the "Custom Code" tab of your Page Settings.

Note that while you can use the "Embed" block to add your ActiveCampaign form to your page, we recommend using the "Inline Form" block instead. 

Add the "Embed" block to your page

To insert the "Embed" block into your page layout:

  1. From the page editor, drag the "Embed" block to your page layout.
  2. Click the block in your page layout to open the code editor. 
  3. Type or paste the code into the code editor between the two paragraph <p> tags.


  4. Click the checkmark button on the top right bar to save your content.

To edit the block later, open the page's editor, click the block you wish to update, and insert the new code onto the right pane.

Duplicate an "Embed" block

You can duplicate any block on your page. To do so click the block you wish to copy on your page then click the duplicate icon in the top right bar.  


Delete an "Embed" block

You can delete any block from a page. To do so, click the block you wish to remove then click the trash icon in the top right bar.



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