Add dividers to your page layout


With the landing page "Divider" block, you can visually break up space on your page layouts.

About the "Divider" block

Dividers are used to visually break up content on your page layout, making your page easier to read.

Once the "Divider" block is added to your page layout, you can adjust its size and add styling to it. You can add, edit, duplicate, and remove a "Divider" block from your page like other blocks.

Add a divider to your page

To insert a divider into your page layout:

1. Click "Website" > "Pages"  to navigate to your Pages overview.

2. Click the Page name or click the "Edit Design" button to get to the page editor.

3. From the page editor, drag the "Divider" block to your page layout.

4. Once the divider is added, click it to open the style and editing options in the right pane.

Style and edit the "Divider" block

You can edit the following items for a "Divider" block:

Change the thickness of your divider. Thickness is set using pixels. By default, it is set to 1 pixel.

Divider Color
Change the color of your divider. The available colors are pulled from your theme's color palette.

Divider Theme
Change the divider's theme. You can choose one of the two themes: solid (default) or blended. Uncheck "Use Shared Theme" to make a divider different from the rest on the page

Duplicate a "Divider" block

You can duplicate any block on your page layout. To do so, click the block you wish to duplicate then click the duplicate icon in the top right bar.

Delete a "Divider" block

You can delete any block from your page layout. To do so, click the block you wish to remove then click the trash icon in the top right bar.

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