How to use borders with page blocks


You can frame blocks on your landing page with borders.

To add a border you must first select a block from the page editor by clicking it. Once selected, the block's details will occupy the right pane.

From this pane you can add a border to the selected block and adjust its corner radius:

1. This is used to activate the sides of a selected block. A side becomes blue when it is active. If a side is made active via #1, then #2 & #3 dictate its style. Border width uses pixels as its unit.

2. Click the blue tile to access the border color and opacity of the active side(s). The available colors are pulled from your theme's color palette.

3. Change the border style of the active side(s). You can pick one of the three border style options: solid (default), striped, or dotted.

4. Similar to #1, click the corners you want active. A corner becomes blue when it's active. If a corner is active, then the "Radius" input field to the right dictates its value. Initially, radii are relative (%). Alternatively, you can set pixels to be the unit of scale. Click the "%" in the Radius input field and select "px".

Note that you can adjust both the border and radius input fields by clicking them in the right pane then dragging your mouse left or right. You can also manually type your preferred px or % size into the input fields in the right pane.

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