Use custom code on your ActiveCampaign page


In this article, you'll learn two ways to add custom code to your landing page.

Add custom code to your page's settings

You can embed script tags and analytics tracking code to your page under Page Settings.

Note that custom code added in Page settings can only be viewed when the page is live. It cannot be viewed in the Page Builder.

To add custom code to your page's settings:

  1. Click "Website" > "Pages" to navigate to your Pages dashboard.
  2. Click the dropdown next to the "Edit design" button of the page you want to add the custom code.
  3. Click "View Page Settings" > "Custom Code" tab.
  4. There will be two fields under "Custom Code": <head> and <body>. Type the code into either field.

    Custom Code Head and Body sections.jpg

  5. If you're adding Google Analytics code to your page, you'll want to add it to the header. See the "How to add your Google Analytics code to your ActiveCampaign page" help article for more information about that topic.
  6. Click the "Save" button when finished.
  7. Click "Republish From Designer" button.
    Republish from Designer button.jpg
  8. Click "Publish Updates" button to republish the changes made.
    Publish Updates Button.jpg

Add custom code using the "Embed" block

If you wish to add a Google Map or Calendly widget to your page, you can do so with the "Embed" block.


To add the "Embed" block to your page, drag it from the right pane into your page layout. Then paste the code into the code editor in between the two paragraph tags <p> located on the right pane. 

See the "Use the Embed block" help article for more information on how to use this block.

Note that while you can use the "Embed" block to add an ActiveCampaign form to your page, we recommend using the "Inline Form" block instead. 


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