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Build, test, and share your app with ActiveCampaign customers using App Studio.

What is App Studio?

App Studio is a self-serve portal located in the ActiveCampaign platform that enables you to build and release native apps in the ActiveCampaign App Ecosystem.

App Studio is an advanced feature. In order to use App Studio, you'll need to know or be familiar with building and testing apps.

Who can use App Studio?

App Studio is available to all paying ActiveCampaign customers and partners, as well as developers with an ActiveCampaign Sandbox account, at no additional cost.

If you don't have a developer sandbox and would like to request one, please fill out this Sandbox Request form. If you are a paying customer, you do not need to request a Sandbox account. 

How does App Studio work?

App Studio works by letting you build and test an app within your ActiveCampaign account and submitting it for review to our team. Our team of engineers will review your app and work with you to get it ready for release. Once the app is approved, you can release it either privately for yourself and a few select ActiveCampaign accounts or publicly to the ActiveCampaign App Ecosystem where customers across the globe can access it.

Accessing and using App Studio

App Studio is located in the Apps section of your ActiveCampaign account. When you access App Studio for the first time, you'll notice that the "My Apps" section will be empty.

If you're a returning user of App Studio, you'll see apps you've already created or are working on listed on the page. From here, you can edit or delete the app(s) you've created.

To get started with building an app, click the "Build a New App" button located at the top of the page. This will bring you to a form that collects information about who you are and what app you'd like to build. You'll need to complete the information on this page and then submit the form. Note that you can edit the information you provided to this form at any time.

Once you've submitted the form, click the "Get Building" button to get started. You'll then move through three different stages of the app process: Build, Review, Publish.


In this stage, you can build your app using the live editor in App Studio. We'll point out syntax errors inline so you know what to fix as you go. When you're ready, you can test the configuration in your sandbox account by clicking "Test in Sandbox."

Once you've tested the configuration and fixed all errors, click the "Submit App" button

If you're not able to click the "Submit App" button, this means that you may have some errors that still need to be addressed.  


Once you submit the app for review, it will be listed under the "My Apps" section of App Studio along with a version number. In addition, our team of engineers will be alerted of the submission and will begin to review and test your work.

A progress bar will indicate where you are in the review process. To see this bar, click the app version number under "My Apps" in App Studio.

If our team of engineers finds any issues with your code, they'll reach out to you and help you fix them.


Once your app is approved, you can publish it to the App Marketplace. Or you can publish your app privately instead. If you wish to share the private app with other ActiveCampaign accounts, email us a list of those accounts to We'll then give those accounts access to your app.

Get building

For more information on App Studio and to review developer documentation, please see the resources below:

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