Web Personalization report

Web Personalization is available on the following plans:

  • Professional
  • Enterprise

The Web Personalization report shows you data on visits made to your published experiences.  You can use this report to see how each experience is performing in your ActiveCampaign account.

With this report, you will be able to:

  • View total visits
  • View new and return visits
  • View unique visits
  • Export data into a CSV, TXT, Excel (2007 or later), JSON, HTML, or Markdown file.

Access the Web Personalization report

To access the Web Personalization report:

  1. Click "Reports" located in the left menu.
  2. Click the "Web Personalization" option on the left.

The Web Personalization report will load all published experiences with visit metrics for the last 7 days. Data refreshes every hour. 

You can view metrics for one experience at a time. It is not possible to view metrics for multiple experiences at once.

Information included in the Web Personalization report

The Web Personalization report contains stats, a chart, and a table that you can use to see how well an experience is performing at-a-glance. 

At the top of the report, you will see the URL of the experience. To the right of the URL, you can preview the experience by clicking the "See your experience" option.

ActiveCampaign Marketing Software

Use the "Experiences" dropdown at the top of the page to view metrics for different experiences.

Metrics for the Web Personalization report include:

  • Web Personalization Stats
    Web Personalization stats are listed at the top of the report. They include:
    • Total Unique Visitors
      Total number of unique visitors within the timeframe you set.
    • Total New Visitors
      Total number of new unique visitors within the timeframe you set.
    • Total Returning Visitors
      Total number of returning unique visitors within the timeframe you set.
    • Total Visits
      Total number of of visits within the time frame you set. This includes repeat visits made by the same contacts.
  • Visits Over Time Chart
    The Visits Over Time chart is located below the stats. This chart is a visual representation of visits made to your published experience over the time period you set.
  • Web Personalization table
    The Web Personalization table is located at the bottom of the report. This table shows you which contacts visited your experience, the last time the visited the experience, and the total number of visits they made to the experience. Contacts are listed by ID in this table.

Filter the Web Personalization report by date

Clicking the "Event Date" dropdown at the top of the report will allow you to view metrics for visits made:

  • Today
  • Yesterday
  • Last 7 days (default)
  • Last 14 days
  • Last 30 days
  • Custom range (you would set your own date range)

Setting a date range will allow you to view the report data within a specific time period. To set a date range, click on either the start date field or the end date field. Then, click the calendar icon to select a date.

Export the Web Personalization table

To export the Web Personalization table, follow these steps:

1. Hover your mouse over the "Total Visits" column.

2. Click the vertical ellipsis that appears.

3. Click the "Download Data" option.

4. Click "Download" to export the data as a CSV, TXT, Excel (2007 or later), JSON, HTML or Markdown file.

This report will time out after 90 seconds. If you wait longer than 90 seconds to export this report, then the file exported will be blank. If this happens, we recommend refreshing your browser and try exporting again.

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