Use SMS Multi-Factor Authentication

At ActiveCampaign, we prioritize your account safety. In addition to the platform multi-factor authentication available, you can also use a two-factor authentication through SMS.

How SMS multi-factor authentication works

Multi-factor authentication helps protect data in your ActiveCampaign account and can prevent logins from unauthorized individuals. Multi-factor authentication uses two methods of identification to give you account access, like username and password and a special code.

You can use SMS multi-factor authentication to receive text message codes to your devices and use those codes as a 2nd factor for authentication. 

How to set up SMS multi-factor authentication

Here's the step-by-step setup process to enable multi-factor authentication for the SMS.

  1. Click on Settings in the left navigation menu.
  2. Click on Security.
  3. Click the “Set up for myself” toggle to trigger the multi-factor authentication modal.
  4. Click on the SMS text message option and click Continue.

5. Enter in the phone number you would like to receive the verification code on and click “Send Verification Code.”

6. Once you receive a text message with the verification code, enter that in under the “Verification Code” input box.

Note: if you do not receive the code, there is a link at the bottom of the modal that will let you resend the verification code.

7. Click Verify.

8. If the code is valid, you will be presented with a list of recovery codes. Make sure you save these codes somewhere secure.

9. Click Done and you will see your complete SMS factor enrollment as well as the phone number you used for verification.

How to update your profile preferences

If you have SMS multi-factor authentication active but would like to change your user profile settings, you can. You can change things like the phone number you receive verification codes on or change the factor you use for multi-factor authentication (SMS or an app).

In order to change the phone number or factor, you will need to turn off your current multi-factor authentication settings for the account. Then you can reactivate it by going through the setup process again.

  1. Click on Settings, then click on Security to reach the multi-factor authentication On/Off toggle.
  2. Click the toggle to disable and enter your password to confirm you want to disable multifactor authentication.
  3. Click the toggle again to trigger the multi-factor authentication setup process.
  4. Follow the initial setup steps from above to go through the setup process and update any information you want.
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