How to build automations with predictive next steps

With predictive next steps, we recommend actions to consider inserting next in your automation. This feature is designed to help you take advantage of the best practices presented in the context of the automation you're creating and save you time. 

What are predictive next steps?

A predictive next step is a modal containing recommended actions that you can add to your automation. 

With this version, you do not need to take any action to turn predictive next steps on. 

This feature is available on all plan levels. 

How predictive next steps work

When you build an automation, this feature analyzes the last step you added to your automation. If the last step is a "Send Email" or "Add a Deal" action, a modal window will appear next to the action. This modal will contain recommended actions that you can add to your automation next.  

If you wish to use one of the recommended next actions, you can select it by clicking it. The action will be added to your automation and you can proceed with configuring it. 

If you choose not to use any of the recommended actions, just click the "X" to close the modal. You can also click the node ("+" symbol) in your automation to continue building your automation as you normally would.

Note that if you close the modal, it will not reappear for the same "Send Email" or "Add a Deal" action. 

It is not possible to turn predictive next steps off in your account. 

Predictive next steps available

Below are all automation actions that generate predictive next steps: 

"Send Email" generates the following recommended actions:

  • Wait 7 days (one timed wait action)
  • Wait 7 days and check to see if email was opened (one conditional wait action with a time limit)
  • Wait 7 days and Send email (one timed wait action and one send email action)

"Add a Deal" generates the following recommended actions:

  • Add a Task (one task action)
  • Add a Task and Notify Deal Owner (one task action and one notification action)

We will continue to add support for more actions and triggers for predictive next steps.

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