Use ActiveCampaign automation to create contacts and leads in Microsoft Dynamics 365


You can use automation actions in ActiveCampaign to create new leads and contacts in your Microsoft Dynamics 365 account. 

Take note

  • You must have the Microsoft Dynamics integration configured to use these automation actions
  • Only leads and contacts who reach these actions in your automations will be synced to Microsoft Dynamics

How the automation actions work

To add new contacts and leads in Microsoft Dynamics from ActiveCampaign, you'll need to create an automation that uses one of the following two automation actions:

  • Create a lead in Microsoft Dynamics
  • Create a contact in Microsoft Dynamics

Once a contact in ActiveCampaign reaches either action in your automation, they:

  • Will have tags added to their profile page in ActiveCampaign: 
    • If synced as a lead: [D365: Lead] [D365: Pulled from ActiveCampaign]
    • If synced as a contact: [D365: Contact] [D365: Pulled from ActiveCampaign]
  • Will be queued to sync to Microsoft Dynamics
  • Will be added to Microsoft Dynamics as soon as the next scheduled sync runs

Create a contact or lead in Microsoft Dynamics 365 from ActiveCampaign

To sync contacts to Microsoft Dynamics as leads or contacts:

1. Click "Automation" on the left menu in your ActiveCampaign account.

2. Click the "Edit" button for the automation action you want to add the Microsoft Dynamics action to.

3. Click the "CX Apps" accordion in the right pane. The menu will expand:

4. Drag either Microsoft Dynamics action to your automation.

5. A modal will open. It will list the name of the integration and the Microsoft Dynamics account you're connected to. Click the "Save" button.

The action will be added to your automation.

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