Content Manager overview


The Content Manager is a central hub for storing, organizing, and sharing files with all users on your ActiveCampaign account.

How to access the Content Manager

  1. Click Campaigns on the left menu.
  2. Click the "Content" option on the left of your screen. 

Content Manager supported file types

Supported file types include JPG, PNG, GIF, and PDF.

The maximum size for each file is 10MB.

Be advised that PDF files cannot be used with campaign image blocks, nor can you attach PDF files to campaigns created with the drag-and-drop email designer. However, you can upload PDF files to the Content Manager to generate a share link. 

All images used in campaigns and forms are housed in the Content Manager.

Content Manager capabilities

Below are capabilities available with the Content Manager.

Centralized location

The Content Manager lives in the Campaigns section of your ActiveCampaign account. All users on your account can manage their assets from this location.

Bulk actions

Account users can perform bulk actions with files. For example, you can select four images and then drag them into a folder, and delete or export multiple images at once. Bulk actions can only be performed in the Content Manager. Content_Manager_Bulk_Action_example.png

Bulk upload

Bulk Upload lets you upload multiple images to the Content Manager at once. This functionality is available in the Content Manager and the Campaign builder.


Use folders to organize files

You can create custom folders to organize your files. Custom filters you create can be accessed from the Content Manager and email designer.

If you delete a folder, all images it contains will remain in the Content Manager. 


Use keywords to tag files

You can add a keyword(s) to any file in the Content Manager. Once you add a keyword to a file, account users can search the Content Manager by keyword and easily find the file they want to use. 



You can use the search function to locate images by title or keyword. 


You can use the sort function in the Content Manager to display files by:

  • Newest first
  • Oldest first
  • Largest file size
  • Smallest file size
  • Alphabetical (A - Z)

It is not possible to sort files from the email designer. 

Tile and List views

Users can toggle between the Tile and List views to see their images represented in a tile spread or list spread. Both options display 20 images before going to the next page.


Image access scoped to account

All files uploaded to the Content Manager are accessible by all account users. 

Additional file options

With each file in the Content Manager, you can:

  • Rename a file
  • Add to folder
  • Get URL
  • Download image
  • Delete image


To perform any of these actions, hover your mouse over the file you want to work with, then click the Gear icon that appears. From there, select the option you want to use. 

Retrieve a file URL

When you upload a file to the Content Manager, we'll generate a file URL. There are two ways to access this link.

Option 1:

From the Content Manager, hover your mouse over the file you want to work with, then click the Gear icon that appears. From there, select the "Get URL" option

Option 2:

From the Content Manager, click the image you want to work with. From there, click the URL icon


A modal will appear with the image URL link that you can copy and paste.

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