Accelerated Onboarding FAQs

Accelerated Onboarding (AOB) is a 3-part webinar series in which we onboard new customers, trials, and prospects to demonstrate effective strategy and technical usage of the ActiveCampaign platform. 

Below are some common questions related to Accelerated Onboarding. 

What is Accelerated Onboarding?

Accelerated Onboarding is a 3-part webinar that will teach you the introductory strategies and navigation within the platform as a new customer. Each webinar will cover different topics on how you can effectively learn, build, and organize your account.

Where can I register for Accelerated Onboarding?

You can register on our website! This page shows you more about each webinar session and provides options for whichever session time works best for you. You can attend Accelerated Onboarding as many times as you’d like.  

Do I need to sign up for each session in the 3-day course?

No, once you register you will automatically be enrolled in all 3 sessions.

How much does training cost?

Nothing! This is a free onboarding webinar for customers, trials, and prospects.

Do I need to be on a certain plan type to participate?

No. All plan tiers can participate.

How long is the training?

The training is 3 hours of content broken up into 3 sessions of 1 hour each (totalling 3 hours).

What can I expect to learn from each session?

  • Session 1 (60 minutes): Monday: You’ll focus on the fundamentals of building organized, scalable contact management processes.
  • Session 2 (60 minutes): Wednesday: You’ll learn the critical elements of creating clear, actionable content to communicate with your contacts via campaigns and automations.
  • Session 3 (60 minutes): Friday: You’ll learn about the insights and productivity your teams can get from a Customer Relationship Management (CRM) tool and the benefits of using pipelines and contact scoring.

What if I have an Onboarding Specialist? Should I still attend Accelerated Onboarding?

Yes! These sessions will help set you up for success within ActiveCampaign. They will give you introductory skills and knowledge which you can then discuss through your series of Onboarding one-on-one calls.

How do I cancel my registration for AOB?

To cancel your session, please refer to your confirmation email. At the very bottom of the email, you will find a link that says “Manage registration and notifications.” It is there that you can update the time and date you are registered for or simply cancel your registration.

Will I receive a recording of the training from each session?

Yes! Recordings go out after each session through automations. We also send a recap email at the end of every week to attendees with recordings, important links and next steps.

How can I access the recordings?

You can access the recordings through Thinkific. Please note that the Accelerated Onboarding materials are only housed in Thinkific, and not in your ActiveCampaign account.

How do I login to Thinkfic?

If this is your first time logging in to Thinkific, please create a login separate from your ActiveCampaign login. Once you have a Thinkific account, you can enroll in the Accelerated Onboarding course where you can download the presentations and rewatch the sessions at your own pace.

I can’t access the recordings? My login is not working? Why?

Check and make sure you are using your Thinkific login credentials and not your ActiveCampaign account credentials. When logging in to Thinkific, you will need to create login credentials separate from your ActiveCampaign login information.

How will I know what to do after Accelerated Onboarding?

During the 3rd session of Accelerated Onboarding, we go through some best practices for next steps. We also send a follow-up email recapping next steps information including links to get you started on those steps. We want to ensure that you are properly prepared to successfully move on to the next step.

What happens if I can’t attend AOB?

No worries if you end up not being able to attend! Accelerated Onboarding is hosted weekly, so you can cancel your enrollment and re-register for a date that better suits your schedule.

I can’t log on to AOB to view the session.

If you are having trouble logging into the session, we recommend re-clicking the link. If that does not work, please try another browser. If you find that you are still having troubles accessing the session, please reach out to

My email and password are not correct to attend AOB.

You do not need a password to attend Accelerated Onboarding. Please use the link that you receive in your confirmation emails to join the session and you will be directly logged into the session for that day. 

What language will the training be in?

  • English AOB is offered weekly through live sessions
  • Portuguese AOB is offered weekly through live sessions
  • French AOB is offered through Thinkific
  • Italian AOB is offered through Thinkific
  • Spanish AOB is currently in progress
  • German AOB is currently in progress
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