About the ActiveCampaign Marketing Dashboard

When you login to your ActiveCampaign, you'll first arrive at a marketing dashboard view. You can customize this dashboard to your personal preferences.

Marketing dashboard widgets

The marketing dashboard is home for all of your most important account information, offering a quick glimpse into some of your most important metrics.

These are the widgets available for you to customize your dashboard to your needs.

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My Tasks
This widget creates a personalized task summary for every user of an ActiveCampaign account that also has access to the CRM. To review a full list of tasks, you can head over to the Manage Tasks page.


All Contacts
The All Contacts widget displays the total number of contacts in your account; use the dropdown to see only active contacts. Understanding contact statuses is an important part of understanding ActiveCampaign!


Contact Trend
The Contact Trend widget is a quick visual summary of the overall number of contacts in your account over time. Clicking on this widget will redirect you to the Contact Trends report.


Top Contacts
The Top Contacts widget gives you a quick glimpse of some of the most active contacts in your account. By default, it will display contacts with the most recent interactions with your materials. Use the dropdown menu to see top contacts as determined by the number of Contact Score points they’ve earned.


Quickly visit campaigns you’re working on, check their status, or start a new campaign from the Campaign widget.


Manage Templates
Quickly visit a custom template, or pre-built templates, from this widget. You can also manage templates from the Campaigns overview page.


Quickly visit recent automations, see their status, or check how many contacts have entered and completed an automation. Click “Create New” to build a new Automation.


Pipelines (available for Plus, Professional, and Enterprise plans)
Accounts with the CRM can use the Pipelines widget to see a quick summary of how many new deals have been entered over a particular amount of time. Use the dropdown to select a different time frame. More complete reporting can be found on the Deal Forecast report.


Interaction Rate and Interaction Trend
Interaction Rate will display a percentage value of your average number of opens and clicks over the last 10 campaigns. The Interaction Trend widget will show this percentage over a longer period of time.


Ecommerce Dashboard
If you have a Deep Data integration set up in ActiveCampaign, you will see an additional Ecommerce dashboard on the top of the ActiveCampaign homescreen.

The Ecommerce dashboard will include metrics to help you better understand what is driving growth and what channels are working best. These metrics can be filtered by connected store name, all stores, currency, and different timeframes.

This dashboard widget will only show if you have a Deep Data integration set up with ActiveCampaign.

Activity Stream
The Activity Stream on the right side of your dashboard includes recent activity across your entire account, including subscribes and unsubscribes. Hover over each entry for information about specific contacts, and click through to their contact profile.


Create a Campaign Quick Button
The button in the upper right corner of your dashboard gives you the ability to quickly Create a campaign. Clicking on the dropdown arrow will also allow you to Add a contact, add a deal (if applicable), or add a list.


How to move, add, or remove widgets on the dashboard

To move widgets around on your dashboard, click the widget you wish to move and drag it to a new location on the dashboard. You will gray perforated boxes appear to indicate spots where you can drag and drop the widget.

To add or remove a widget from your dashboard view, locate and click on the gray tab at the bottom center of your screen.


Inside this tab are any widgets that are not currently displayed on the dashboard.


To add a widget from the tab to your dashboard, click on the desired widget and it will appear on your dashboard.

To remove a widget from your dashboard and store it inside the bottom tab, hover your mouse over the desired widget until the "X" button appears at the top right corner. Click on the "X" to remove the widget. It will appear in the bottom tab.

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