How to resolve a campaign recipient count error notice

A list with segments can be created to send specific campaigns to specific contacts. But sometimes, when you try to send a campaign to a list, you might encounter an error message on the campaign summary screen, under "List(s)" that states, "There was an error retrieving a recipient count for this campaign."

This means that the list cannot give you any information about the specific contacts that are meant to receive your campaign. This problem is commonly rooted in segments and is easily fixed by addressing the segments that you have set up for a specific campaign.

Why am I seeing this error message?

When you try to send a campaign to a segmented list, you might see this error message appear:

This error message can appear for a couple of reasons:

  • The list segment you have set up does not return any results because no one meets the conditions. Therefore, there is no one to send the campaign to
  • You have created an incomplete segment for your list

Depending on your situation, you will need to either edit or complete your segment with different conditions or remove the incomplete segment entirely.

Here are the two ways to fix this error and finish sending a campaign to a segmented list.

How to finish a segment for a list

If there are any parts of a segment left blank, this can cause the error notice to appear. If you want to keep the segment, you have to complete all necessary values.

On the campaign summary screen, under "List(s)," you can see the segment you have selected for that list at the bottom of the screen. When you click "Edit" on that segment, you can see what, if any, conditions have been set up for that segment.

If your segment shows no conditions, you can add them in this view. Alternately, if the segment already has conditions that are still not returning results, you can edit those conditions in this view.

How to remove a segment from a list

You may decide that your list does not need a segment. You can remove the segment from your list entirely.

If you decide to clear the segment from your list altogether, follow these steps:

  1. Click the dropdown menu caret where your segment is currently selected.
  2. Click "Select a segment" to empty the segment field.

When you click on "Select a segment," this is the equivalent of selecting no segment for your list. This makes it so that your list does not use a segment to send the campaign to.

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