Why does my campaign have so many link clicks?


If your campaign has experienced an elevation of link clicks across multiple links in a single campaign (especially within minutes of a send), it could be due to anti-virus protection software or a type of security scan on the contact's inbox. These excessive or false link clicks occur when the email is delivered to the contact's inbox as they scan for security risks.

Unfortunately, our industry faces this ongoing challenge as businesses continue to evolve their security practices. At ActiveCampaign, we are committed to helping our customers surface accurate data, which provides our users with control and optionality. We are working on a solution to help identify suspected bot click links due to antivirus software (non-human interactions), allowing users to filter that data out of reports.

Current Recommendation:

Create a hidden link and drop it into the background of the email. Subtract unique link clicks from that link across links. Focus on unique clicks as a metric.


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