Under what conditions will list subscription notifications be sent?

These situations apply to notifications in the List Advanced settings:

Situations where a notification may be sent

  • Subscribing via a form.

  • Subscribing via an automation block.

  • Subscribing via a POST to API v3, including form integrations.

  • Subscribing via subscribe-by-email or subscribe-by-sms features

There are some factors that can affect whether or not a notification is sent. The most common is for forms using double opt-in, the notification is sent when the contact confirms the subscription.
Also note that subscription notifications are implemented separately from the "Notify someone" automation block, and the behavior can be different in some cases.

Some situations where a notification will not be sent

  • Manually adding a contact through the UI.

  • Manually adding a pre-existing contact to a list.

  • Importing contacts into lists.


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