Use Census to sync data from Snowflake to ActiveCampaign



You can use Census to perform one-way syncs from Snowflake to ActiveCampaign. 

Once you sign up for Census, follow the steps below to configure the integration. 

Take note

  • You can only sync contact data (all plan levels) and account data (Plus, Professional, Enterprise plans) from Snowflake to ActiveCampaign
  • This integration requires a Census account, a Snowflake account, and an ActiveCampaign account

Add Snowflake as a data source

  1. Within Snowflake, ensure the Census account you're connecting has the appropriate permissions.
  2. From the Connections page in Census, add Snowflake as a data warehouse, including:
    • Snowflake account name
    • Query execution warehouse
    • User
    • Password or keypair

Add ActiveCampaign as a service connection

From the Connections page in Census, add ActiveCampaign as a service connection, including the API URL and Key

Set up syncs between Snowflake and ActiveCampaign

  1. From the Syncs page in Census, create a new sync.
  2. Select your Snowflake connection under "What data do you want to sync?"
    • Select the corresponding Snowflake source warehouse, database, schema, and table for the data you want to sync to ActiveCampaign
  3. Select your ActiveCampaign connection under "Where do you want to sync data to?"
    • Select whether you want to sync contacts or accounts to ActiveCampaign
  4. For ActiveCampaign Contact objects, select "Update or Create" or "Update Only." 
  5. Under "How are source and destination records matched?," select the account or contact identifier from your Snowflake table.
    • For accounts, select the field with the account's name
    • For contacts, select the field with the contact's email
  6. Under "Which properties should be updated?," use the "Add Mapping" button to map fields from ActiveCampaign to Snowflake. 
  7. Run a test or click "Next."
  8. Choose whether you'd like to "Run a sync now?"
  9. Click "Create Sync."

The integration configuration is complete. 

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