What tags are added to contacts in ActiveCampaign from the Salesforce integration?


Listed below are tags that the Salesforce integration adds to synced contacts in your ActiveCampaign account.

These tags will appear on profile records for each synced record.

Read the "What are Tags?" guide for more information on tags.

From Salesforce to ActiveCampaign

The following tags are added when contacts and leads are synced from Salesforce to ActiveCampaign.

  • Contact: created-from-salesforce-contact
  • Contact: salesforce-lead-converted-to-contact
    • This tag replaces the "created-from-salesforce-contact" tag on the contact profile record in ActiveCampaign if the lead was converted to a contact in Salesforce
  • Lead: created-from-salesforce-lead

From ActiveCampaign to Salesforce

These tags are added when contacts are synced from ActiveCampaign to Salesforce as a new lead or contact.

  • Contact: added-to-salesforce-contact
  • Lead: added-to-salesforce-lead

Use any tags applied to contacts through this integration to:

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