Where can I find the spam complaint rate on my Campaigns?

When sending emails to contacts, you may receive some spam complaints. These complaints can harm your sender reputation, deliverability rates, or even get you blocked by ISPs.

This article will show you how to view spam complaints in ActiveCampaign for Campaigns, one-time or automations.

  1. Navigate to the Campaign Performance Report. There are two methods:
    • Click "Reports" > "Campaigns" > "Campaign Performance"
    • Click "Campaigns" > "Campaign Performance"
  2. Click on the name of the campaign in the list to drill down.
  3. Scroll down to the bottom of the Campaign overview and click > "Unsubscribes" in the Summary box.
    Summary box to click Unsubscribes in campaign overview.jpg
  4. The top right will show you any Spam specific information. Below, you will see all contacts that unsubscribed from this campaign with the Date and Reason.
    Spam Complaint reports in in the last 30 days.jpg

Note that the Spam Complaints information is only if your contact marked your email as spam.

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