What is the Forecasted Close Date?


The Forecasted Close Date is a deal field that is created by ActiveCampaign.

All customers with access to the Deals(CRM) automatically have a deal field called “Forecasted Close Date”. This field can be found under Contacts > Fields > "Deals" tab.

Some limitations regarding the Forecasted Close Date field are:

  • It cannot be deleted
  • It cannot be renamed
  • It must remain a date field type and will reflect the Date Format set up under Settings > Advanced > Date Format

Customization options that are available for this deal field are:

  • A personalization tag is available that can be modified.
  • A default value can be set for the field.


The Forecasted Close Date is separate from the deal’s native data, like created date, or the date where the status was changed to won or lost.

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