Why is the number of deals for the Deal Pipeline View different from the number in the Deal List View?


The deal count in the upper left of the Deals page Column view (three column icon) is always the total number of deals in that pipeline, regardless of filter settings.

As shown in this example, the total number of deals for the pipeline is 6, but only 4 individual deals are showing in the column view. This is because the Status filter is set to Open and there are 4 Open deals.  Deals with the status Won or Lost will not show.


In the Column view, the "Status" filter in the column view can only be set to Open, Lost, or Won. It is not possible to show all individual deals in this view.

However, the deal count in the List view (hamburger icon) will take the settings of the filter into account. When viewing the same pipeline in the list view, the number of deals is now 4 to reflect the number of Open deals in the pipeline. 



To see all deals, regardless of status, click into the List view and set the "Status" filter to "All."



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