How to use the filter and search options on the Accounts Overview page

Available on the following plans:

  • Plus
  • Professional
  • Enterprise

On the Accounts Overview page, you can filter your business accounts by standard and custom fields. Using these filters lets you quickly see which accounts meet the criteria you set. In addition to filtering options, you can search for specific business accounts.

How to filter business accounts

The Accounts Overview page has a filter button that you can use to view a list of business accounts that meet certain criteria.

To filter accounts:

1. Click "Contacts" on the left menu.

2. Click the "Accounts" option.

3. Click the "Add a filter" button.

4. Click a field group name. This will expand all fields for that group.

5. Click the field you wish to filter by.

6. Click the operator you wish to use.

7. Type the field value you wish to use in the search.

8. Click the "Apply" button.

The Accounts Overview page will load and list the filtered results.

How to use more than one filter

You can use more than one filter to narrow down your results.

When using more than one filter, the system will only search for and display accounts that match all criteria.

To use more than one filter, follow steps 1-8 above. After the page displays your results, click the "Add a filter" button again and follow the same steps. Keep doing this until you have all desired filters in place.

Remove a filter

If using multiple filters, you can remove a filter to broaden your results. To do so, click the "X" next to the filter you wish to remove.

How to search for business accounts

The search field on the Accounts Overview page will search for all business accounts that contain your search term in the account name.

To use this option:

1. Click the search field.

2. Type the name of the account you want to find. You can type the full account name or part of the account name.

3. Press the "Enter" key.

The Accounts Overview page will load and display the account(s) that matches your search criteria.

Combine filters and search

You can combine both filters and search to narrow down a list of accounts.

When you do, the system will look for and display accounts that match all criteria.

Export results

You can export your filtered or search results right from the Accounts Overview page into a CSV file.

1. Filter or search for accounts using the steps outlined in this article.

2. Click the "Export" option. This is located at the top of the Accounts Overview page.

3. A confirmation window will appear. Click the "Click to view process" link.

4. You'll be redirected to the Settings > Import/Export Status page in your account. Click the "Export" tab.

5. Click the "Download" option to download the results into a CSV file.

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