About the Pages Dashboard

Available on Plus, Professional, and Enterprise plans.

The ActiveCampaign Pages Dashboard displays all your landing pages in a table view. Use this dashboard to view page statuses at a glance, perform bulk actions, and more.

Access the Pages Dashboard

To access the Pages Dashboard, click "Website" > "Pages" on the left menu.

Dashboard elements

When you navigate to the Pages section of your ActiveCampaign account, you'll first arrive at the Pages dashboard. This dashboard lists all landing pages you created in a table view.

From here, you can:

  • Search, sort, and filter landing pages
  • View top-level metrics. For more information, visit Pages metrics
  • Perform bulk actions
  • View a thumbnail of the landing page
  • View the landing page name and status
  • View the landing page URL
  • Open a preview of the landing page
  • Perform the following on a single landing page: Edit the design or URL, publish, unpublish, rename a landing page, move the page to a folder, view the live version. The options displayed depend on the status of the page

Search, filter, and sort landing pages

Learn how to search, filter, and sort your landing pages to find what you need quickly.

Search landing pages

To search landing page(s) by title, type all or some of the page titles into the search field. As you type, we'll display a list of options.  

This search is not case-sensitive.

Filter landing pages

You can filter landing pages by page status. To do so, click the "Status" dropdown, then click the status you want to use as a filter. The page will display all landing pages with the status you selected.

Sort landing pages

You can sort landing pages by the following:

  • Last edited
  • Oldest created
  • Newest created
  • Alphabetical A-Z
  • Alphabetical Z-A

To use this option, click the "Sort" dropdown then click the option you wish to use. The page will reload and list the pages in order by your selection.

Page statuses

We'll display a status for each landing page in your dashboard. A landing page can have one of the following statuses:

  • Draft - Work was started on the landing page but it is not published
  • Published - The landing page is live and visitors can see this page if they land on it
  • Unpublished - The landing page was live but was unpublished. Visitors can no longer go to this page
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