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ActiveCampaign’s new and improved Email Designer (launched in 2022) makes it easier than ever to create branded, high-performing emails within the platform. With an emphasis on reliability and an easy-to-navigate UI, this email designer will give you the best possible experience to create optimal campaigns and engage your customers. 

This FAQ exists to answer your questions about the email designer.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is there a demo of the new email designer?

Yes! Watch the video below.

Is the new email designer available in languages other than English?

Yes. The new designer is available in all platform languages. 

How do I access the new email designer? 

The new designer is available in standard and automations campaigns. Once you’ve created a standard campaign and set up the audience list, select the new designer from the options shown. you can also access the new designer through the automations workflow. 

Can I use the email designer for all campaign types?

Yes! The new email designer can be used within all campaign types. This means creating an email from scratch by selecting "Standard," “Automated,” "Auto Responder," "Split Testing," "RSS Triggered," or "Date Based" for your campaign type after clicking on "Create a Campaign" from the Campaigns section. You can also access the new designer by creating an Automation from the Automations dashboard and adding an email!

Can I use the email designer with existing templates?

The new email designer is compatible with new designer templates only. After choosing a list, choose the new designer. Here, you can either select "Start from Scratch" or select a predesigned template created for the new designer to get started. 

New designer templates can only be imported to the new designer and cannot be used in the original builder.

When I get access to the new designer, what will happen to the existing designer? 

You will still have access to the original builder and all existing work.

What new features are now available? 

This is a rebuild of our email designer that prioritizes ease-of-use, reliability, and rendering consistency across all inboxes, browsers, and device types. Brand new features include:

What is not currently available in the new designer?

  • Predictive Content

How many structures I can add?

There is no limit to how many structures can be added.

How do rollover images display on mobile vs desktop?

On desktop, when you hover over the image it changes. On mobile, when you click the image, it changes. 

Can I anchor pictures to text sections (and vice versa)?

For now, you can only anchor pictures to pictures.

Will a duplicated campaign created with the new designer automatically open in the new designer?

Yes, duplicated campaigns made in the new editor will open the new editor. 

Does the unsubscribe work as it did before when you can add personalization tags?

Yes, if you add the sender info and unsubscribe personalization tags, the default unsubscribe will be removed.

Is the video block still just limited to public YouTube and Vimeo videos?


Do video links have to be formatted in a specific way?

For example, will "" work along with ""?

Either of these options work, it does not need to be formatted in a specific way.

Can I edit the HTML of the standard drag and drop blocks? 

Yes, you can edit any HTML in any block.

Can the emojis be inserted in the email sender's name?

Yes, however, you will still need to copy and paste the emoji into that field. The new emoji picker currently does not appear when naming a campaign.

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