Sales tax overview and FAQs

If your business is based in the United States, you may be subject to state sales tax on your ActiveCampaign purchase. Where applicable, the tax will be calculated based on your billing address and added as a separate line item on your invoice at checkout.

Certain businesses and organizations, such as nonprofits, religious institutions, educational organizations, research facilities, and others, may be tax-exempt. Customers who provide a valid exemption certificate as proof of their tax-exempt status, or other state-approved support, in a form acceptable to ActiveCampaign, will not be charged sales tax, as determined by ActiveCampaign in its sole discretion.


Why does ActiveCampaign apply sales tax to invoices?

ActiveCampaign services may be taxable in certain US locations. Per ActiveCampaign's Terms of Service, ActiveCampaign is authorized to charge accounts for applicable taxes (Section 6).

What if I'm using a trial account?

Tax will not be charged on trial accounts. Tax will be added if you decide to convert to a paid subscription and have a billing address in a taxable jurisdiction.

What should I do if I think I should be exempt from this tax?

If you believe you should be exempt or not subject to this tax, please contact and forward any support available for your exemption (e.g., Tax Exemption Certificate, Small Business License). Documentation varies by state, so it's important to reference your state laws before submitting your request.

Note that documentation evidencing an exemption must be provided in a form acceptable to ActiveCampaign, and ActiveCampaign reserves the sole right to determine whether to approve or reject a proposed waiver of any tax-related fees at its sole discretion.

How do I view and update my billing address?

Visit the "How do I view and update my billing information?" help article to learn how to update your billing information. 

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