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This article will teach you about an Email Opens reporting filter available on your campaign and automation reports. This filter lets you include or not include Apple Privacy opens. 

What is an Apple Privacy Open?

An Apple Privacy Open is any open recorded from an Apple Mail client with the Mail Privacy Protection (MPP) feature enabled. This feature makes genuine recorded opens for emails look indistinguishable from programmatic opens (i.e., fake opens created by the mail client). For more information on this topic, visit the "ActiveCampaign and Apple iOS 15 Mail Privacy Protection" help article.

How do I use the Apple Privacy Filter?

When looking at any Email Opens report, you will see a "Filter" option on the top right of your screen. Click the "Filter" option to show the "Include Apple Privacy opens" filter. This filter is selected by default until you interact with it: 


When the box is checked, any Open metrics (Total Opens, Open Rate, etc.) will reflect a combination of verified opens and Apple Privacy Opens.

When the box is unchecked, any Open metrics (Total Opens, Open Rate, etc.) will only reflect verified opens.

This filter lets you determine how you want to view your Email Opens metrics and campaign-level visibility into how the Apple MPP feature affects your email reporting.

What Reports are affected by this change?

The following reports include the Apple Privacy filter:

  • All Campaigns
  • Campaign Overview (specific Campaign report)
  • Campaigns Performance
  • Opens/Reads Trends
  • Automations Overview (specific Automation report)
  • Automations Performance
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