Message delivered but can't be found?

When you send a campaign from ActiveCampaign, mailbox providers will let us know if and when your email was delivered. If the email wasn’t delivered (accepted by the recipient’s mailserver) they let us know as well, and we mark that message as bounced.

Modern mailbox providers, such as Gmail, are fairly accurate when it comes to their delivery responses.

If our system reports a message as delivered but can’t be found in the subscriber’s inbox, the issue could be one of a few things. Either, the issue is on the mailbox provider’s end or the email went to a different folder or tab instead of their inbox.

There are a few things you can do to help your subscribers locate and receive your communications:

  • Ask subscribers to add you to their safe senders list
  • Ask subscribers to search their inbox for your messages by:
    • Using an in:anywhere SUBJECT_LINE search query
    • Contact Gmail support
    • Verify that your sender email address is not listed in their settings under Filtered or Blocked addresses

Unfortunately, once Gmail accepts a message, it is not possible for us to influence where they place it.

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