How to achieve Full Domain Alignment

To strengthen your Reputation as a sender, you might want to achieve Domain Alignment.
Domain Alignment happens when every domain in your email (in the headers and the body) shares the same “root domain”.

In fact, every time you send an email there are multiple domains involved. There is the visible sending domain (also called From:), the one being used for DKIM signing (d= domain) and the once used for handling errors/bounces (also known as Mail-From:).

If two or more of these domains have the same root domain, we say there is “alignment” between them. When every domain matches, we say there is “full alignment”.

To accomplish Full Domain Alignment in ActiveCampaign, it's necessary to:

  • Setup DKIM - on the main domain. this will remove the "on behalf of activecampaign" piece and it will show their domain instead
  • Setup a Custom domain name (Enterprise plans only)- also referred as Domain Alias or CNAME alias. This will allow all the links to appear as subdomains of their root domain
  • Setup a Custom mail server domain (Enterprise plans only)- this will remove the "signed by activecampaign" piece and will show a subdomain of their root domain

Take note:

Is Domain Alignment always Recommended?

Domain alignment is always recommended, but not necessarily required. If you are using only one sending domain in your “From:” field, you should definitely consider it.
Since you can only have one Custom Mailserver Domain per account, if multiple domains are used full domain alignment will be impossible to achieve for all of them.

To learn more, read our article on domains and domain alignment.

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