Classic Designer: Use the HTML content block with campaigns


The HTML content block available with campaigns lets you add custom HTML directly to your email. This gives you more control over the design for that block.

Take note

  • This article is about using the HTML content block with the Classic email designer
  • This is an advanced feature and is recommended for those who are familiar and comfortable with custom HTML and CSS code coding
  • Our Customer Experience Team is not able to help you build or troubleshoot custom code. If you need assistance with this content block, we recommend working with your developer or an ActiveCampaign Certified Consultant

Add the HTML content block to your campaign layout

To add the HTML content block:

  1. Open or create a new campaign.
  2. Drag the HTML content block from the right pane to your campaign layout.
  3. Click into the content block. A modal window will appear.
  4. Type or paste your code into the modal, then click “Save.”

HTML content block tips

Below are some tips for using the HTML content block.

  • Avoid the following tags: <!doctype>, <html>, <head>,<body>
    The email designer generates these tags when the campaign is sent.
  • Do not use media queries.
    Media queries are not supported. If you wish to use a custom media query with your campaign, we recommend creating your email with the email designer launched in 2022.
  • Do not use Javascript
    Javascript is not supported.
  • Do not use custom fonts
    Custom fonts are not supported. If you wish to use custom fonts with an HTML content block, we recommend re creating your email with the email designer launched in 2022.
  • Do not use video autoplay for video embed script
    Video autoplay and video embed scripts are not supported. Many email clients do not support this type of code and many spam and virus protection programs will flag your email as spam. Instead, we recommend inserting a screenshot of the video with a play button and linking it out to your video. You can also use the video embed block with your campaigns.
  • Do not use iframe tags
    Iframe tags are not supported.
  • Do not use social media widgets or embed scripts
    This is not supported. Instead, you can use an RSS feed from your social media posts.
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