ActiveCampaign Customer Experience workshop recordings

ActiveCampaign Customer Experience workshops are 45-minute, small-group sessions aimed at expanding your knowledge and skills and answering your questions so you can grow your business with us.

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To view a workshop recording, please see below.

Growth Workshop

Learn about lead magnets and how to use your current contacts to grow your list. You will leave this workshop with two automations to use with your business and a better understanding of how to grow your business long-term.

Watch the Growth Workshop recording

Sales Automation & CRM

Learn how the Customer Relationship Manager (Deals) works and how it can help automate your sales process. You will learn the best practices for using deals and understand how to measure success with your CRM.

Watch the Sales Automation & CRM recording

Machine Learning

For Professional and Enterprise Customers, learn how artificial intelligence monitors your customer's behavior and allows you to send messages at the right time with the right content. This automation will give you a thorough understanding of
Predictive Sending and Predictive Content and ways to use both. Join us for our next session!

Watch the Machine Learning recording

Contact and Brand Engagement

Best practices for email content and ensuring your audience stays engaged- and how to intervene if they grow cold.

Watch the Contact and Brand Engagement recording

Defining Goals and Reporting

Learn about the key performance metrics in your account and where to locate these metrics. Knowing these metrics will help you define success and measure the progress toward your goals!

Watch the Defining Goals and Reporting recording

Custom Reporting 101

For Enterprise customers, receive an overview of custom reporting and learn how to create a report in your account. There will be a live question and answer session to make sure you understand your reports.

Watch the Custom Reports recording

Automations Planning Part 1

Unsure of where to start with automations? No problem! Join this workshop to receive a worksheet to help you think through your business goals and receive step-by-step instructions on how to implement automations to meet your specific business goals.

Watch the Automations Planning recording

Automations Planning Part 2

This workshop follows up on Part 1 to show how to test and troubleshoot your automations and other ways to put the finishing touches on your automations!

Watch the Automations Planning Part 2 recording

Deliverability 101

Landing in the Inbox can be complicated. Join our session to learn the basics of avoiding spam and ensuring your email goes to the inbox as often as possible.

Watch the Deliverability 101 recording

Lead Scoring

Learn the basics of Lead Scoring and how it can help you generate hot leads. You will also set up an automation to track the engagement of your leads.

View the Lead Scoring recording

Custom Objects - How to unify all of your data!

The answer to bringing all of your data from external integrations and custom data points within your business

Watch the Custom Objects Recording Here

Ecommerce - Integrations and Automations

Learn about the different Ecommerce platforms that ActiveCampaign can integrate with. What data comes with those platforms and how to create follow-up automations to breed loyalty in your customers.

Watch the Ecommerce recording

Attribution 101

Learn how to set up Attribution, the best practices to enhance it and how to analyze reports to make sure you have your marketing fully optimized.

Watch the Attribution recording

Copywriting 101

Learn the best practices for writing emails and landing pages that will get more clicks and revenue for your business!

Watch the Copywriting 101 recording


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