I am not able to connect multiple Calendly accounts




I can't connect multiple Calendly accounts. It keeps defaulting to the account already connected. 


The page where Calendly hosts their auth page keeps cookies that hold a record of the things you’ve signed into. When authenticating Calendly within ActiveCampaign, these cookies determine which account is authenticated. If you need to connect another account, you need to first sign out of the other account you have authenticated. Unfortunately, this is not something ActiveCampaign can control.

Solution 1

  1. Go into your Calendly account and log out.
  2. Sign in to the account you want to authenticate.
  3. Go back to ActiveCampaign, refresh the page, and then connect.
  4. The integration should ask you to sign into the new account or auto-detect the second account that is already logged in.

Solution 2

Use an Incognito browser to auth the 2nd account. Since a browser in Incognito mode doesn’t read cookies, you shouldn’t have any trouble.

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