Use ActiveCampaign AI with the Email Designer


With ActiveCampaign, you can use ActiveCampaign AI in a text block in the Email Designer. ActiveCampaign AI will generate three text options after you enter a prompt.

Take note

  • This feature can be used with direct and automated campaigns
  • This feature is only available with the Email Designer launched in 2022. This cannot be used with the Classic Email Designer
  • If you are updating a Text block with AI, any copy in that block will be replaced with the AI suggestion

Use the ActiveCampaign AI Text block

  1. From the Email Designer, drag the Text block to your campaign layout or select an existing text block in your template.
  2. The right pane will display a field where you can provide a prompt. For example, you can type “Generate webinar CTAs.” The more specific you can be, the better the results you’ll receive.


  3. Click the “Generate” button. ActiveCampaign AI will generate three versions of content you can add to your email.
  4. Click “Use this content” to add the suggestion to your email
  5. If the suggestions aren’t right, you can make them longer, shorter, or change the tone. You can also type more specific feedback into the space provided.
  6. Once you click “Use this content,” the content will appear in your Text block. Note that if you have content already in a Text block, the ActiveCampaign AI will replace it with the generated suggestion.
  7. If you want to edit the content once it’s added to a Text block, click that block and make any changes you like.
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