Product Release Notes - January 2023

January 4, 2023 - ERJA Partial Sunset

ERJA was an enrichment add-on available to enterprise customers, and as an add-on for other tiers. Due to decreasing matches from our provider, as well as low usage from customers, this feature is partially sunset.


January 5, 2023 - Update Deals Endpoint

Deals endpoint has been updated to return more specific info about a failed custom field.


January 10, 2023 - MSD Integration: Enhanced Sync Health Dashboard, Error Linking

The Health Dashboard has been expanded to show direct links to failed records along with a reason for why they failed.


January 10, 2023 - MSD Integration: Label creation for Campaigns and Automations

When customers connect to the Microsoft Dynamics integration we will create the “D365” label that they apply to Campaigns and Automations


January 10, 2023 - MSD Integration: Set new D365 user as profile that syncs will run under

New feature within the D365 integration that allows users to determine who the integration will “run as.”


January 11, 2023 - App Studio: Remove Intended Audience from "Metadata" Tab

We now ask if apps will be private or public in the app submission modal, so the question has been removed from the Metadata tab.



January 12, 2023 - Removed "Add A Contact" CTA from Manage Tags Page

We removed the “Add A Contact” CTA in the upper right corner of the tags page.


January 19, 2023 - Account Activity Stream

Account Activity Stream is the latest enhancement to Accounts to support our Sales customers.


January 19, 2023 - Login Verification: Backup Mailer System

This is a critical enhancement to improve email deliverability for our login verification challenge.


January 19, 2023 - Use Personalization in Task Name Action

We made a small enhancement for our CRM users leveraging Task Automations. You can now leverage Personalization when naming Tasks in order to make them dynamic.


January 24, 2023 - Update to Campaigns Page Blank State

We updated the Campaigns page with a new image of our email designer and updated stylings.


January 24, 2023 - Update to Campaigns Template Page Blank State

We updated the template page with a clearer call to action and information on what this area does.


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