Sales Engagement Automation report


Use the Sales Engagement Automation report to view data and analytics for your automated 1:1 sales emails. This report lets you see how well your emails perform, gain insight into prospect interactions, and view email opens, click-throughs, reply rates, and bounces.

Take note

  • Account users must have permission to access this report. Access can be granted by clicking the “Allow” checkbox for Sales Engagement located on Settings > Users and Groups > Groups section of your account
  • The Opens metrics may include Apple Mail Privacy Protection opens
  • To properly track link clicks, links in your 1:1 emails must begin with “https://” for example:
    • --> Tracking will work
    • --> Tracking will NOT work

View the Sales Engagement Automation report

  1. In your ActiveCampaign account, go to Reports > Sales Engagement > All 1:1 Emails. Alternatively, you can access the same report by going to Automations > Sales Engagement > All 1:1 Emails.
  2. Use the filters at the top of the report to view metrics by:
    • All automations or a specific automation
    • All senders or a specific sender
    • Email sent date
    • All 1:1 emails or a specific 1:1 email (under “More filters”)
    • All automation labels or a specific automation label (under “More filters”)
    • Event date (under “More filters”)
  3. Scroll horizontally to view all metrics for your 1:1 email sends.
  4. Click any column header to sort data in the table.
  5. Drill down to get detailed information about your automated 1:1 emails by clicking any data point in the table.

Metrics included in the Sales Engagement Automation report

The Sales Engagement Automation report includes the following metrics:

  • # emails sent
  • Unique opens
  • Unique opens rate
  • Total opens rate
  • Unique clicks
  • Unique click rate
  • Total click rate
  • Unique replies
  • Unique reply rate
  • Total replies
  • Bounces
  • Bounce rate
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