Filter suspected bot clicks within reports

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This article will teach you about a bot click filter available on supported reports. This filter lets you include or not include suspected bot click activity within supported reports.

Take note

  • Suspected bot clicks are not filtered out of automation triggers, segments, or advanced searches. This filter only works within reports that support bot click filtering
  • The bot click filter works retroactively
  • The bot click filter does not stop bots from clicking the links themselves. The filter's current design is so that you can include or exclude suspected bot clicks from the actual report's statistics
  • We have implemented a human verification challenge when the unsubscribe link is clicked in ActiveCampaign emails to help prevent unintentional unsubscribes. Learn more about our bot click unsubscribe protection

What are bot clicks?

Bot click activity is common in the email space; it is typically associated with B2B contacts that use security software to scan their emails. If your campaign has several link clicks per contact, it could be due to virus protection or a security scan on the contact's inbox. These excessive or false link clicks occur when the email is delivered to the contact's inbox.

There is no perfect measure for determining bot clicks, but certain strategies can be used to identify suspected bot click activity. As email security scanners constantly evolve, it is possible for illegitimate click data (bot clicks) to still be recorded.

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Bot click filter availability

Bot click filtering can be found in the following reports.

Supports Bot Click Filtering
All Campaigns Report No
Campaign Overview Report Yes
Campaign Clicks Report Yes
Campaign Links Report Yes
Campaigns Performance Report No
Automations Performance Report No
Automation Overview Report No
Automated 1:1 Emails Report No
Custom Reports No

How do I use the bot click filter?

When looking at any reports that support bot click filtering, you will see a “Filter” option at the top right of your screen. Click the “Filter” option to show the “Include suspected bot click activity” filter. This filter is selected by default until you interact with it.

Bot Clicks.jpg

When the box is checked, any click metrics (total clicks, click rate, # times clicked, etc.) will include suspected bot click activity.

When the box is unchecked, any click metrics (total clicks, click rate, # times clicked, etc.) will exclude suspected bot click activity.

This filter lets you determine how you want to view your Email Clicks metrics and campaign-level visibility into how bot clicks affect your email reporting.

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