Multi-contact Triggers in Automations


This article will talk about what Multi-Contact triggers are, the impact this change will have on triggers you already have created, and how to replicate the existing functionality in the future.

Take Note

  • The following triggers support multi-contact entry:
    • Deal Field Changes
    • Account Field Changes (also available on Marketing Professional and Enterprise)
    • Enters a pipeline
    • Deal stage changes
    • Deal status changes
    • Deal value changes
    • Deal owner changes
    • Score changes (when using a Deal Score)
    • Date based (when using a Deal Field)
    • Task is completed
    • Sentiment changes

What are Multi-Contact triggers?

These triggers will be available for any ActiveCampaign object that can have multiple Contacts related to them. Currently, this affects Deal & Account triggers.

Multi-Contact triggers will enter all contacts that have a direct relationship with the triggering object into the automation by default. This will allow you to more effectively automate to audiences who are associated with Deals or Accounts.

Any Multi-Contact triggers will show this banner at the top when you to add them to your automation:

Multi-contact trigger banner.png

How does this affect previously created triggers?

We are not making any proactive changes to your existing triggers. This means existing Deal triggers that you have in your account will still trigger only for the Primary Contact.

However, when you open an existing trigger you will now see a prompt in place of the Multi-Contact banner above that looks like this:

Existing trigger multi-contact banner.png

If you select the “Trigger all contacts on this deal” button, it will reconfigure the trigger to enter all contacts. Once the trigger is updated, the normal Multi-Contact banner will show.

However, if you do not select this button, you will continue to see this prompt when opening the trigger. It will continue to only enter the Primary Contact on the Deal.

Can I still trigger only the Primary Contact on a Deal?

Yes. With this release, we have also included a new segment for identifying if a contact is the Primary Contact on a deal.

This new segment can be found in the "Advanced" section of the trigger under Contacts > Trigger Specific Conditions > Is primary contact on this deal?

Example Trigger specific condition Is primary contact on this deal?.png

Adding this condition to the Advanced Segmentation in any of the supporting Deal triggers will re-create the previous default behavior where only the Primary Contact on a deal will enter the automation.

It’s important to note that the segment shown above will only be available when the trigger you are configuring is a Deal trigger as this relationship between the Contact and Deal requires this. This option is not available to use with Account triggers.

In addition, you will be able to use this segment in other Automation actions like If/Else, Goals and Waits as needed.

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