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ActiveCampaign allows you to segment contacts based on whether they have entered an automation. Automation entryways take this a step further by letting you specify how contacts entered an automation.

This article will help clarify how to use the automation entryway operator within the ActiveCampaign condition builder.

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Take note

The automation entryway operator can only be referenced in the "has" or "has not entered automation" conditions

Automation entryway availability

Segmenting by how contacts entered an automation, is available in most of the segment builders in ActiveCampaign and can only be used within specific conditions that support the automation entryway operator. Below is a list of conditions and segment builders that support segmenting by automation entryway.

Segment conditions that support activity window functionality:

Condition Supported Automation Entryway Operators

Has entered automation
Has not entered automation

Any entryway
Through a trigger
Through a non-trigger source

List of segment builders that support activity window conditions:

Segment Builder Location Supports Automation Entryway
Advanced Search Yes
Automations Yes
Campaigns Yes
Conditional Content No
Lists Yes
Scoring Yes


How to create a segment that uses automation entryway

To begin segmenting by automation entryways:

  1. From a supported segment builder, select a supported automation entryway condition.
  2. Once a selection is made, you will see a row of options appear below the selected condition, with options for selecting a specific automation entryway. Specify the entryway you want to apply to your selected condition.
  3. Depending on your segment builder, click “Next” or “Search” to complete the segment.

    Example Automation entryway segment options.png

Automation entryway definitions

Automation Entryway Operator Definition
Any entryway Look for all contacts that match the given condition, regardless of how they entered the automation.
Through a trigger Look for contacts that entered organically through an automation trigger. This does not include entry actions from other automations. If there are multiple possible triggers, this applies to any of those triggers. This refers to any automation trigger, including those related to custom objects, Ecommerce, or other integration-based triggers.
Through a non-trigger source Look for contacts that entered via a non-trigger source. A non-trigger source includes manual and bulk contact adds, API events, integrations (zapier, 3rd party forms, etc.), and entry actions from other automations.

Examples using automation entryways

To help explain how automation entryways work within segment conditions, we are going to use the following examples and solutions using each automation entryway operator:

Automation Entryway Operator Use Case in Practice
Any entryway This is a useful operator for when the source with which the contact had entered the automation does not matter to you - so long as they enter as expected.
Through a trigger This is a useful operator when fact-finding across your contact base to better understand how/why specific contacts had met trigger conditions to enter an automation.
Through a non-trigger source This is a useful operator when fact-finding across your contact base to better understand how/why specific contacts had NOT met trigger conditions but they had entered some other way. Once you find these contacts, this can be dug into further at the contact level.
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